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  • Why Computers Shouldn't Score Student Writing...Yet - Slate
    New standardized tests will finally ask good essay questions. Premature robot grading threatens that progress.
  • One Big Idea: Universal Pre-K - GOOD
    Guaranteeing access to preschool would benefit children, of course, but also their parents and the overall economy.
  • What Teachers Want - The Nation
    It can’t be good news that a survey of teachers released in March by MetLife found the lowest job satisfaction numbers since 1989, with just 44 percent of respondents describing themselves as “very satisfied” with their classroom careers, and nearly a third considering leaving their jobs.


I am a Brooklyn-based journalist, a Schwartz Fellow at the New America Foundation, and a Puffin Foundation writing fellow at The Nation Institute.

I report and write most often about education, women's issues, public health, and American politics. My work has appeared in The Nation, Slate, The Daily Beast, TIME, The American Prospect, The New Republic, the Washington Post, BusinessWeek, the Washington City Paper, In These Times, and other publications. I've been a guest on MSNBC, CNN, CSPAN, and numerous radio programs.

In 2010 I was the recipient of a Spencer Education Journalism Fellowship, and spent one academic year in residence at Columbia University, working on long-form journalism and familiarizing myself with the latest education research. Previously, I was an associate editor at The Daily Beast and The American Prospect.

I graduated from Brown University, where I studied history. I grew up in beautiful Ossining, New York, alongside the Hudson River, and lived and worked in Paris during 2004. My hobbies are photography, cooking, traveling, and riding my bike.

You can contact me at dana /at/