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July 08, 2009


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The health care system we have may as well've been designed to keep people in check (ie servile). Obedient men (and women) chained to some crap job, some women - let's face it - obliged to think twice about ending a marriage or relationship, particularly if they have kids or a chronic problem (not the easy dilemma our for-profit moralists blithely claim it to be). It's really barbaric, and, in the end, intentional. The health care 'system' we have is exemplary of the cultural Revolution named'Reagan': keep people a little intimidated, a little scared.

As a woman who gets insurance through her husband, and a woman who has worked with health and age-related issues, I'm so grateful for this post. There are so many ways that women can be left open to, well, ending up screwed. I'm still waiting for someone to offer my mom SSI credits for the time she spent raising two kids while my dad's job took him out of town for days on end. And is someone going to offer me health insurance for time I spent not working looking after my parents-in-law? No? Huh.

Dana, you do a wonderful job of naming the problem. But the solution can't be a patchwork like you describe (though that may be all we can hope for, politically, right now). Ultimately health care has to be decoupled from employment status. That's the only way to ensure full inclusion of women, minorities, the very old, and the very young.

And of course, the only way to do that - to ensure health care is a human right rather than a perq of employment - is to move toward a single-payer system.

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