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July 07, 2009


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Hi, Dana:

I would have posted this in your BloggingHeads box, but apparently I was too late and you've smartly closed the comments.

I am carrying a one-person crusade against the term "dogwhistle", which you used in the diavlog with Michelle Goldberg. The term is basically a cruder and less kind way of referring to "code", where a person can address a specific constituency during a speech without it being known to the wider audience. As a member of the constituency (Christians) most commonly targeted with this term, let me assure you: I'm not a dog.

If you're specifically quoting the Bible (and providing the cite!) as Jenny Sanford was, you're not speaking "code", you're speaking "plaintext", i.e. NOT CODE.

Therefore, you were not even using the term in its correct derogatory sense. Nice work!

Thanks for your post! Only recently am I starting to find people who agree with my concerns about universal health care.

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