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January 05, 2009


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A deeply cultural fight for reproductive justice? What is that? A deeply cultural need for reproductive education is more like it...

These women and men need to be educated. There need to be cultural paradigm shifts in their communities.

These women and men have access to contraceptives and legal abortion, but choose to use neither due to ignorance, superstition, distrust, fear of immigration authorities, and cultural traditions.

Most of the Hispanic culture is steeped in machismo and birth control is generally seen as a woman’s responsibility, but most women fear even raising the issue of using contraceptives with their partners.

Let's start at the beginning in working to solve this population sector's problems--let's start with cultural enlightenment and reproductive education for the women and the men.

wow the stupidity of people these days really astounds me... there are so many people on this earth and we are in an over population crisis and people can still make dumb ass comments like 'Abortion is a crime theres no doubt about that' and 'I'm pretty scared about that fact, really ...that kind of medicines produces abortion ?' seriously is this some kind of retarded christian forum?

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