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September 16, 2008


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Just wondering, do you have stats for you assertion that women who have same background in education, doing same job get paid less, because you do appear to leave out a couple of critical factors that influence pay for MEN and WOMEN.

Experience, willingness to move and relocate, willingness to do overtime, years out of the workforce, iow, breaks in experience.

Also, if women are out of the work force taking care of KIDS, that isn't discrimination, that is CHOICE. An employer should not have to pay a woman the same wage who has taken year(s) off work and pay a man the same who hasn't.

Upon returning to college, moms may find that school has changed for the better. In the past 30 years, colleges have ramped up special programs for women, particularly for women re-entering college following a hiatus--even a lengthy one. For instance, community resources on campus can help women students find mentors, create a support system, and refresh their research skills.

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