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September 29, 2007


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Interesting, but saying "Nobody wants war" doesn't set her apart from members of the administration: http://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Awhitehouse.gov%20%22wants%20war%22

Great, so 24-year-old Jenna, daughter of a schoolmarm and a Harvard/Yale grad, a gal who has had every conceivable advangage life can throw at her--except having a MLB team handed to her, in exchange for political access to the sitting president (but a lot can happen in 16 months)--isn't a complete fucking dithering idiot. Wow, stop the presses...

"Nobody wants war. ... Obviously, all of this breaks my heart."

This really isn't any different from what her father has said. He's stated repeatedly that "we did not seek this war" and remember, nobody suffers more than the president and his wife over the tragedy in Iraq.

I'd be glad to dismiss writings in praise of Jenna as the soft bigotry of low expectations in action.

But even if jimm and KCinDC are right that some of her words aren't that revolutionary, the fact is that not everyone with her background chose to go to Panama to work with people with AIDS.

Jenna Bush has some visibility because of who she is rather than because what's she's done. I've no problem with that, the advantages also came unasked for; the question is can/will she grow beyond that?

thanks, dana, for being my source on this remarkable information. just used it in a post about my Condom Amulet project. do you knit? unlike some of your commenters, i'm glad to have right thinking on HIV wherever it emerges.

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